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It has been so hot here lately.

Dyllon bought me a water bottle for when I am outside. He bought me a strawberry banana apple juice and yogurt smoothie that was delicious. He made us rib eye steak with ceasar salad for dinner. It was so good with HP sauce. Now I am trying to drink more water yay.

I have to mention that I am so happy for healthyash getting her house.

And ps howlinwolf, you should update your journal.

Today I stayed in our car while Dyllon went in for groceries. I felt like a dying dog, but I used my grounding technique my therapist gave me for stressful situations. It went something like this. I'm surrounded by cars. I don't know if Dyllon has the alarm on ours. Can I get out? I have a smoothie to cool me off. is the guy waiting in the car next door have air conditioning? Is there an air conditioner in the store then I screamed It'S TOO...Dyllon! and he was back so the technique worked I guess.


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Your'e crazy to stay out in the car in the Summer heat!

I will update it, as soon as I have something to say! :-)

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