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UGH!!! Could I throw these needles any further? I finally learned how to do a slipknot. Now I need to learn how to cast yarn on. I know how to knit from there. Mom or someone will teach me.

I was supposed to stay in the hospital for four weeks for physio. I shared a room with three older woman and I won't judge them. THEY WATCHED TV UNTIL EARLY MORNING!!! I go to bed early. Why couldn't they let me sleep? The stench in our room was gross. I asked to sleep on a love seat in the silent room at night. I only slept when Dyllon brought his stuffed animal that I bought him for me. I left two weeks early with the doctor's permission and my physio therapist gave me my complete folder of exercices to continue to do at home. I got a walker for three months from Red Cross. How embarrassing. I'll use my cane!

Tomorrow I'm going to StarBuck's with Cassey from Laing. I'm so sick of sitting in my safety zone. I filled my calendar in to October when my second niece plans to arrive. They're thinking Olivia for a name.

Good night livejournal friends.

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