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Joseph and the Technicolored Dream Coat
Dyllon's mother took us to this musical over the weekend. It was very well done. The instrument players, the actors, the dancers, the singing, it was all really good. Before the play, Dyllon's mom and her boyfriend took us to dinner. We went somewhere that keeps switching from one restaurant to another. Colina was hoping it would be good now. I ordered muscles and they were nasty. All of us found our meals bad. Colina liked my muscles though. I tried a piece of haddock for the first time with some sauce. I won't eat that again.

My sister is having another baby. Not just that, she's having another baby girl. I'm so excited. Auntie Laurie again.

I suppose that's all,


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(Deleted comment)
Lol. I don't like fish at all.

Congratulations to all the family on the forthcoming arrival! :-) *hugs*

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